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Payment of bills

Say goodbye to the lines! At the Smilepay points, you can make payments of bulletins of different types: white, pre-printed, bank, MAV, RAV and , in addition to the car tax. You can pay in cash or by card.


Our Shipping services allow the dispatch of envelopes, parcels and parcels throughout Italy and abroad.
Choose your favorite carrier or one that suits you and you’re done! You can also check the location of your shipment with tracking system updates via the web.


At the Smilepay points you can make any top-up! In fact, in addition to being able to top up mobile phones for all national landline and mobile telephony operators, it is possible to top up game accounts, service cards, prepaid cards, TV cards and much more.


With Smilepay it is possible to request ordinary, historical and specific company surveys, company prospects and search for negative events. It will be possible to carry out the research on a physical person or a company, in addition to the standard registries.

Money Transfer

Thanks to the agreement with RIA FINANCIAL SERVICES, you can go to an authorized Smilepay point and send money around the world quickly and easily!