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Born from an idea by Alessandro Scarfiglieri and Antonio Beneduce, Smilepay is a Multiutility Web Platform that offers high added value services aimed at simplifying the payment of newsletters, postal and bank current accounts, as well as shipments, top-ups, surveys, insurance products , and financial.

Our affiliates, distributed throughout the national territory, offer a service designed to improve the needs of each individual user.

The customer who goes to a Smilepay affiliate can make any kind of payment in cash or by card, so it will be easier to carry out several operations of a different nature very easily.
The professionalism in providing the service and in the assistance offered is structured on the highest European Standards.

Smilepay looks to the user with the practical intention of simplifying every need, every single gesture. Smilepay thus becomes the real opportunity for private customers and companies that can immediately approach a vast range of services and products.

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